The R7000 is an advanced device that will drastically simplify your electrical receptacle testing! It will enable compliance and promote safety while dramatically reducing time spent testing and generating required reports. An electrical receptacle is tested in a matter of seconds! Outlet test results are displayed as well as a notification of whether the results comply with safety standards. The substantially larger display enables you to view multiple results as you are testing.

The R7000 touchscreen allows you to zip through data entry. Preloading features save you time by retrieving receptacle location information from previous testing sessions. With the new detachable reference cord, the R7000 offers two different test routines – an expanded program with comparative testing or a simplified program for troubleshooting and quick checks. Your testing frustrations have been eliminated in this convenient package. It’s easy to use, yet packed with power!
R7000 Electrical Receptacle Analyzer
R7000 Electrical Receptacle Analyzer Action

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