Technical Support
National Safety Technologies offers a knowledgeable technical support team, available to help you solve issues related to the use of our analyzers and measurement devices.  To facilitate this process, each technical support call will be assigned a case number.  The NST technical support staff will assist you until a resolution has been achieved.  At that point the case will be closed.  Any additional technical support calls that pertain to separate issue will be assigned a new case number.

Technical Support calls will be billed at a fee of $100.00 per case.  A case is defined as a specific technical issue that you require help in solving.

Please direct all technical support inquiries to:

National Safety Technologies
Phone:  800-678-7074

Technical Support for New Product Purchases

National Safety Technologies provides free technical case support for the first 6 months after purchase of an analyzer or measurement device.  After that, customers receive 2 free technical support cases for the next 6 months.  All additional technical support cases will be billed at a fee of $100.00 per case.

Technical Support for Product Calibration Purchases
Included in the cost of an annual calibration for an NST analyzer or measurement device is 2 free technical support cases, valid for a 12 month period following the date of calibration.  All additional technical support cases will be billed at a fee of $100.00 per case.

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